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The Sin City Nutrition Team and Athletes SCN Team

Sin City Nutrition is located in the muscle mecca of the world, Las Vegas. Our location has given us a world class opportunity to build a brand based around our fantastic supplements. The SCN team aims to produce the best, most transparent, ultra-premium, and all natural (where possible) products and use the proceeds to support our best-in-class team of competitive athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and go-getters that use them to take their strength, endurance, and health into the stratosphere. For us, their success is the ultimate reward! It is also a win, win. They succeed, and it shows the rest of our loyal customers that our supplements work. It is obvious that you cannot take a supplement and expect to shed 50 lbs without the drive and determination to push yourself. Our supplements are just there to help, and they definitely do. So, try them, tell your friends, and get the word out. Sign up to receive promo codes and deals that you wont find on our Instagram.

Trying to lose weight? We can help.

Our team is here for you. We are a tight knit group of trainers, some of whom are moms, dads, professional athletes, collegians, and business people. We have a certified nutritionist, many certified personal trainers, and a certified physical therapist.


Three Things You Will Need To Achieve Your Goals


Weight loss, like anything in life, is hard.

Be ready to give it your all.

As long as you know it will be hard, you can plan for it. Don’t become discouraged, and keep your eye on the target. If you let determination lead you then you are on the right track.

If you want to lose weight and be healthy, you must be persistent and never give up, you can do it


Eating healthy and exercising is not a part time deal.

Your choices are crucial.

You will make mistakes, but how you handle them is what will make, or break, your weight loss plan. If you slip up once, your next choice is an important one. It is too easy to fall back to old habits.

Persistence and Patience will outlast determination, weight loss does not happen overnight, good things come to those who wait


Losing weight does not happen overnight.

Good things come to those who are patient

Persistence and patience will ultimately out last willpower, determination, and drive. You must be patient and cherish the process. Soon enough you will notice the changes and it will empower you.

Loyal Customers
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Meet The SCN Team

Nick Ostler
Nick OstlerIFBB Competitor
Certified Personal Trainer, NPC Professional Bodybuilder, Finance Major, Veteran Pianist and Singer, Las Vegas Local
Intelligence 100%
Mark Gederos
Mark GederosBodybuilder
Fitness Competitor, High School Baseball Pitcher, Californian, Believes That Anything Can Be Accomplished When You Put Your Mind To It
Perseverance 100%
Brent Guillory
Brent GuilloryIFBB Pro
Earned IFBB Pro Card in 2014 at the Master Nationals in Pittsburgh at the age of 40, Has been competing since 2005, Hopes to compete as long as possible
Inspiration 100%
Mikey Perez
Mikey PerezFitness Enthusiast
Former MMA Fighter and Tuff N Uff Champion, Chippendales Lead Performer and Calendar Model Worldwide, Father, Animal Lover
Ambition 100%


Nobody wants to buy the same products they have tried a million times. We spend oodles of time and resources looking for the most effective ingredients before we even begin to test them. Heck, we don’t just sell them. The SCN team uses them too!

Customer Intimacy

The SCN team wants to get to know you. Seriously! The more we are in tune with our customers the more targeted and personalized our products will become…which is great for everyone. Got any product ideas? Send us a message and let’s make them a reality.

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C’ mon! Who else has a detox product called Craps™? (Named after the casino game!) The industry is saturated with products like NO-MUSCLE 32004. It needs humor. But, Craps™ is phenomenal (no joke), and it has probiotics!

We Pride Ourselves On The Success And Happiness Of Our Customers

Because nothing else matters. The SCN team creates products to help others, and, instead of measuring our value based on dollars and cents, we measure it in customer success stories and positive reviews. If a product doesn’t fulfill it’s purpose then it is not valuable to anyone!

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